Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Welcome to Unique Treasures

Well hello there, you've landed in my happy place. Welcome, there is some tea and biscuits over there next to my Pepsi and Oreos, feel free to have some, the biscuits, not my Oreo's. 

For the last 4-1/2 years I have been trying to figure out the great medical mystery that was my son... he was born perfectly healthy, and around 6 months old, it went downhill. I could not keep the poor guy healthy, and he fell more and more behind in his development. Around 2-1/2 he did early intervention to help him catch up and help me to help him.

It wasn't until I met with a 3rd developmental pediatrician / specialist that he was given the diagnosis of High Functioning Autism. But by then, my family and I all knew what it was, and we were already implementing much of the tactics used to help Autistic children get through a day as best as possible. We had already built him an entire room of sensory swings, crash mats, trampolines, ball pits and tons of tactile goodies. He already had his headphones for his auditory defensiveness, his chewelry for his endless need to have something in his mouth to chew on, and his preschool was using picture charts for easier transitioning. He goes to weekly speech and occupational therapy, regular behavioral therapy, and we've been quite lucky that he is verbal, despite the constant repeating, its nice to hear his beautiful voice call me mommy. 

I haven't made anything new in well over a year... dealing with all his appointments was all too much somedays. He has nearly a dozen doctors all focusing on different things, and I would be in a dr office 3-4 days a week. It all became too much when the anxiety hit, and I started having severe panic attacks. It didn't take long for my diagnosis or recovery thank goodness, but its still in the back of my mind that I could relapse at any time.

Recently I have had a little more time to myself, while my son is at preschool I have a few hours of me time. I have been focusing all of my crafting towards Autism Awareness and Acceptance. I do not wish to "cure" my child, he's perfect the way he is, he just has a few more quirks than others, we've learned to work with them, and move forward. Baby steps all the way, and we are still learning. I love him for exactly who he is, and wish more people could see beyond the way he acts in social situations hes not comfortable with, and see him for the funny, sweet boy he truly is. He is my hero.

I don't have one specific type of art or craft I do, I like a lot of different things, beading, clay, painting, card making, and so much more. I plan to do some craft shows for awhile, when the funds are right and I know what sells, then I will open an online store to sell. I will offer many things that are too pricey to buy from specialty adaptive companies... such as weighted vests, lap pads, weighted pets, blankets, chewelry, weighted hats, etc. And I will also offer things for the families, such as jewelry, tshirts, ornaments, home decor, personalized objects, etc. I love to make stuff, and I hope to share all of it with those who are blessed enough to love someone who is Autistic.

With Love,

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